Reading and Notes Services

Everyone and their step-brother is a reader these days, but when I’ve gone out for paid notes after getting the obligatory “this is awesome!” from family and friends, I still experience severe sticker shock.  I know many writers who don’t have $300-$1000 to spend on notes, or a peer network to fall back on.  I’ll be your one-woman writing group.  Believe me, there are some seriously amazing consultants out there if you’re willing to spend a rent check.  My services are meant to be a middle ground between them and the film students being paid $10 per script in the contest you just entered for $100.

I made my list highly customizable so you can choose what suits your needs best.  Pick what you like and shoot an email to (note: is down for the moment following the changeover, will update when it’s back up) or fill out the contact form at the bottom, and we’ll go from there.  Turnaround depends on availability, but I’ll let you know upfront.  Feel free contact me with any questions.

  • READING and MARGIN NOTES – $0.50 per page

“Hey, I’m a writer, not a mathematician!” That’s $60 for an 120 page script, $150 for a 300 page novel, $30 for a 60-min pilot, use the calculator on your iPhone to figure out the rest.  Or just email me.

Add-on Services:

  • WRITTEN FEEDBACK – $25 for four pages

If you want/need more than margin notes, $25 gets you four pages of detailed notes on your work.  I’ll tell you how I read your work, outline strengths and weaknesses, and give you a couple suggestions on improvement.

  • TELEPHONE or SKYPE FEEDBACK – $25 for 30 minutes

Maybe you do better face-to-face (sort of) so you can ask questions, maybe you want to go over your written feedback with a fine-tooth comb, maybe feedback is easier to take when you can roll your eyes and scowl at the person giving it to you (please don’t do this over Skype, I can see you).  Whatever the reason, $25 gets you 30 minutes.

  • PROOFREADING – $2 per page

This is far below what you will find with large proofreading companies and I won’t use any super-confusing editing marks (unless you ask me to).

Other Services:

  • BRAINSTORMING – $30 for 30 minutes

Have a great idea and need someone to talk it out with you?  If you don’t have a finished work and just need help with plot, characters, concept, I’m here to brainstorm with you.  The work will remain all yours, I won’t write it for you, but I will help you get started on the right track.

  • LOGLINE HELP – $15

It’s really tough to write your own loglines.  Sometimes it just takes another pair of eyes to take your logline to query-worthy level.

  • GHOSTWRITING – email me

I don’t do this often, but I certainly will for the right project/client.  Contact me to see if we’re a good fit.

  • RUSH FEE – $100

I’m usually pretty quick about turnaround, but if you need something like yesterday, this flat fee will speed things along.

Again, you can email me at or use the contact form below.

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