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Once more for the cheap seats

What do you see in this picture?  Well, I’ll tell you what you don’t see: two of the Big Hero 6 characters.  Namely the two female characters, Go Go and Honey Lemon.  Apparently for manufacturers, it’s Big Hero 4 and some chicks.

I’m biased.  Not only am I a chick, but I also have a small daughter who loves movies like Big Hero 6, and though princesses have their place in her world, she’s also very much a tiny fangirl. And unfortunately, the merch is not made for her.

Take a trip through Target with me as we attempt to buy some superhero stuff for my girl.  Sure, there’s a sparkly pink Superman shirt and some Minions gear with hearts on it. Oh wait!  There’s an Avengers t-shirt in the girls section!  It’s pink so it must be for girls.  But what’s this?  Only four Avengers are on the shirt?  Yes folks, even on the GIRL shirt, they left off the only GIRL Avenger.  Why??

Marvel Avengers graphic tee

Now I know this is a writing blog, but this little problem of mine regarding popular merchandise is indicative of the larger film industry. An industry screaming out to girls that this is boy stuff. I’m not going to turn the post into a mommy-rant but it bugs me.

Because this kind of For Boys Only attitude is the same as the one I was complaining about last month. Girls want to play too and we want to see ourselves in the stories, we want to buy the t-shirt, we want to play with the action figure.  Let us give you our money!!  This also means writing some badass women to take names on screen.  I’m doing it, are you?

In the meantime, I’m making my daughter a Rebel Alliance bleach shirt to match mommy’s so we can all play together on May 4th.

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