Available Pilots


Hour-long Drama

After the mysterious disappearance of her parents, an army corporal discovers she is half angel.  She must learn to channel and control her powers while searching for her parents and fending off the forces of heaven, hell and the military, all bent on using her as a human weapon.

*Screencraft 2013 Pilot Launch Semifinalist

*The Black List’s Top Lists

From The Black List:

“The script has the potential to be a high-stakes paranormal series with a strong female protagonist.”

“-there’s definitely a series here.”

“Emme is an immediately likable character, thanks to a well-paced and exciting teaser.”

“…this is a pilot that could fit right in on SyFy or maybe NBC or ABC, if it went to broadcast.”

“SyFy or the CW seem to be the most obvious candidates for a show like this.”

 Empress image2

Hour-long Drama

The rise of Empress Cixi from lowly concubine to regent of all China. A poor girl from a noble family, Lady Yehenara becomes one of the lucky two hundred Manchu girls chosen as concubines for the young Emperor, but she must quickly learn the rules of palace intrigue before she succumbs to the machinations and murders rampant within the Forbidden City.

Focus image

Hour-long Drama

In the Big Easy, a crime scene photographer and detective team up to discover the origin of mysterious flashing images on the photographer’s camera, which seem to depict the moment of murder in their most unsolvable cases.

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