Available Screenplays

Thrust into the corrupt and debauched world of the lavish Paris Opera, an ambitious ballerina must decide how far she is willing to go for her dream of stardom. Period Drama.

*The Black List’s Top Lists

From The Black List:

“The world of this story intrigues from the first page…”

“Rau has an undeniable talent for world building. The Paris Ballet is as all-consuming to read as it is to experience and the narrative is spectacularly atmospheric.”

“It’s a winter season film, with grand sweeping shots, gorgeous costumes and a tear-jerking love story.”

“There are endless opportunities for gorgeous set pieces and one can imagine that this will look stunning on screen. Contrasted with the scenes of war-ravaged Paris[…], her writing packs a very powerful punch and promises excellent visuals.”

“With dance as a hot topic in film and TV at the moment, this script’s prospects could be especially promising in the current market.”

Alice one sheet pic

After a plague-riddled White Rabbit puts her family in grave danger, a retired Alice must once again go through the looking glass to save Wonderland and prevent a zombie horde from breaching the boundaries of the real world. Fantasy Horror.

* Write Start Contest – Second Place winner

* PAGE Awards – Quarterfinalist

*Scriptapalooza – Quarterfinalist

Black List link: https://blcklst.com/members/scripts/view/28082


In a virus-plagued world where full brain transplants offer immortality to the wealthy elite, a brilliant young scientist must undergo a daring body-swap in order to heal her sister and save humanity. Science Fiction.

Fellowship One Sheet pic

A socially-challenged band of Lord of the Rings fans embark on an epic bachelor party in New Zealand, but when the bride’s ring disappears they must scour Middle Earth to retrieve the ring and regroup in time for the wedding. Adventure Comedy.

WYFD image

A thirty-something couple with relationship problems allows their discontented friends to influence their decision to have a baby. Dramedy


A suicidal man must hold on long enough to transport his orphaned nephew to their next-of-kin so he can continue with his plans of ending it all. Dramedy.

 1066 image

In one legendary year, the last Saxon king battles for the freedom of his country against ruthless Viking and Norman invaders bent on seizing the crown of England. Period Epic.

(All scripts are registered with WGAw and U.S. Copyright Office)

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