Growing up within the strict confines of Edwardian England, safe under the expansive roof of their family’s great estate, the Rivers siblings each knew exactly where they fit in the world. Until that world began to crumble on August 4, 1914.  Edward and Elsie, the two elder twins, rush reckless to the front on a heady wave of patriotism and honor, only to find that war is not what they read about within the pages of “Henry V.”  When the war ends, their two younger siblings, Gerry and Kitty, are plunged into a roaring new world and must find a way to tread water in the wake of their generation’s near destruction.  From Oxford to the Somme, from the House of Lords to the bright young things – for the Rivers of Croundon Hall the only bond stronger than tradition, is family.

*Northwestern University Distinguished Thesis Award runner-up

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For Laila, Elisheva, Nitya, and Sarah, arranged marriage is not only culturally accepted, but prayed for and looked forward to.  “The Chosen” explores the concept of arranged marriage through first-person narratives in Muslim, Hassidic, Hindu and Amish communities in America.

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After the death of her husband, Karen Crest takes her two young daughters to finally see their father’s family home in Northern Scotland, expecting to solve some of the mystery of the man she married.  But when they find the castle crumbling before their eyes, Karen must decide whether to stay and rebuild or to let go of the past before her family deteriorates beyond repair.

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