Who is this?

This blog has seen many iterations. The original title, Your Mom’s a Nerd: and other things heard around my house, was meant to be just a blog about life, like the beautiful, happy lives you secretly hate on Pintrest. But frankly, my life mostly consists of this desk and this computer. I don’t know how to craft reindeer from toilet paper holders, I don’t have a great recipe for meatloaf or coq au vin, I don’t take pictures that aren’t blurry and aren’t on my phone, I don’t know the best new stroller on the market (that’s a lie, it’s a Valco Tri-mode), and most importantly, I don’t know the secret to six or even four-pack abs.

I know how to write things. I’m a writer. Novels, screenplays, and television drama. When I’m not writing, I’m teaching, and vice versa. Most of my stuff is available for reading on Amazon or the Black List, though if you need help finding anything just ask nicely. But aside from eight or so screenplays, three pilots, and three novels, there’s just a handful of partials and a large folder of ideas.

And then there’s this blog.

I wanted to document what it’s like for me to be a writer and maybe help a few other writers out in the process. During the day I’m an English instructor at a local college. My husband is an attorney. We do not have a maid, or a cook or childcare. That picture of Tina Fey from the American Express commercial where she’s hiding under her desk, trying to write, while her toddler is sitting her chair typing on her laptop and everything is messy and in complete chaos? That’s me. Except it’s not a cute commercial. It’s a Wednesday. And my toddler is simultaneously breaking my laptop and eating all my post-its.

This is how I write.

(Special thanks to those clients who followed me over from the old website, and yes I will finally take questions again.)

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